The thirteenth China Qingdao international industrial automation and Instrumentation Exhibition


The 13th ChinaQingdao International Industrial Automation & Instruments Exhibition in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 3 was successfullyheld, merchants to come to exhibitors of 400, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan,Oriental motor Balluff GmbH, the British Witten, SAJ converter is a surnamefrequency, EasyDrive frequency, LS, display and control, easy to control,Yonghong, Willen, proud South extension, Autonics. Imatinib sensor, lanbaosensor, manufacturers and dealers come to participate. The Yu Shan soft startand frequency conversion in Qingdao to booth style atmosphere, toneparticularly prominent, a perfect display of the God will fly the image of theNew Energy Technology Co., Ltd, especially products series diagram and systemdiagram, with mountain Yu brand of touch screen display, further the broad audienceof Poseidon fly energy strength, science and technology awareness andrecognition, this year God fly energy in Shandong Province to vigorouslydevelop the sales business to the positive role.